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The SpiderWeb System

REVEALED! Every Secret Strategy That I Have Been
Using to Earn 22 Streams of Passive Residual
Income From This 100% FREE and Automated
SpiderWeb Marketing System
Stage #4

Simply follow along with the video presentations on this page to learn everything you need to know to get the most out of your New, Revolutionary, 100% FREE SpiderWeb Marketing System

Video #1: How Can You Possibly Earn 22+ Streams of Passive Income From a 100% FREE System? Is it ACTUALLY FREE?



So there you have it, 22+ Streams of Passive Residual income from doing exactly what you want to be or are already doing. The exact same things that every other "guru" is telling you to do, but "Neglecting" to show you how you can get paid some serious money for doing them.

The revolutionary new SpiderWeb Maketing System has already changed the lives of thousands of home based business professionals from more than 43 countries spanning the entire globe. Here is one quick example:


"$2,700 Before I Even Knew What had Hit Me!"

"Amazing Kimball!

I spent basically no time setting up my SpiderWeb Marketing System and before I knew what had hit me the system had generated 173 laser targeted leads for me from which I was also able to develop 12 new business associates. From the leads that were generated for me by the system I earned $2,700 and I did not have to lift a finger to make any of it happen. It is great to finally see a REAL Automated System that actually works like it is supposed to!


Nice Work!"

Jamie Kochan - Saskatoon, SK, Canada


This is just one example of the thousands of people who are seeing amazing results with this system. All of which are pulling in more than 22 streams of passive residual income virtually hands free.

Video #2: So... what exactly are these 22+ streams of passive income?

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There you have it! 22 simple streams of "Neglected Profits" that you will be able to earn once you have completed the simple setup process for this revolutionary new system

Here is another brief example of someone who is enjoying the fruits of this amazing new system, these results speak for themselves:


"3 weeks... 97 Hot Leads, 9 New Recruits and $2,100..."


I just wanted to pass along my excitement for how things are going. I started with The SpiderWeb Marketing System� on Thursday morning. I was completely amazed to see that less than 2 hours later I had already generated 10 unique-to-me network marketing leads for my main business totally hands free. I spent a total of $18.33 on Google and had already made $200. Then, on Friday I spent another $18.78 on Google and got another 10 great leads and made another $200! $400 in 2 days from a total ad spend of less than $40! Amazing!

Within the first 3 weeks I generated 97 hot leads, 9 new recruits for my business and $2,100, but that is not even the best part, the best part is that now my 9 new recruits have plugged into the same system and I am now seeing effortless duplication in my business!

I would like to thank Kimball Roundy for his honesty and integrity in building a program that really does what it says it will do."


Thanks Kimball,

Roger and Deb Tew - Peyton, Colorado


The testimonials like these are FLOODING in! Are you going to be one of them? This next video shows you exactly how the infinity Line, Dynamic Compression, Referral Placement Model will work for you to pay you potentially infinite levels wide and deep for each of these streams of neglected profits.

Video #3: What is the Infinity Line, Dynamic Compression, Referral Placement Model and How can it Possibly Pay You Infinite Levels
Wide and Deep?

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So that's it! Now you can see how powerful this system is and how it will EASILY pull in 22+ Streams of passive income for you virtually hands free, and potentially Infinite Levels Wide and Deep!

Now, just one more amazing example from another VERY satisfied system user:


"3 months... 240 Live, Fresh, Unique MLM Leads... 34 New Team
Members and $4,400..."

"Hey Kimball,

I could go on and on and tell you all the reasons I think your system is amazing but I would rather just let the numbers speak for themselves. In the last 3 months since I started using your new system I have been able to generate 240 live, fresh, unique mlm leads and from that I have brought in 13 new recruits to my primary business. Then, my 13 new recruits plugged into the system and between them they have brought in 21 new people. From all of this action I have also pocketed $4,400 which I can now feed back into the system to continue this amazing growth! Not a bad first 3 months return!

Oh, and by the way, I LOVE the fact that I have not had to lift a finger to see all this happen. I mean literally, all I do is wait for the checks to show up and then take them happily down to the bank!"


Thank You!

Lynn Martin - Springville, Utah


Video #4: OK! I am convinced! What does it take to get started? I WANT to earn 22+ Streams of income hands free without having to spend a DIME! What do I need to do from here?

Click image to start movie


So now you have it! The Key to the Vault! This system is the key to unlocking home based business success like you have never dreamed!

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started!


When I say "Multiple Streams of Passive Income" I MEAN IT!

Think I am exaggerating? Here is a daily breakdown of just THREE of the 22+ streams of income that I have been able to generate with The SpiderWeb Marketing System� in November alone:



Now, I am not telling you any of this to brag or make you think I am some big shot Marketing Guru. Honestly, I HATE Network Marketing, Direct Sales and Affiliate Marketing the way that 95% of the people/companies out there teach and train you to do it. Since developing the SpiderWeb Marketing System, I never do anything the way that everyone else is doing it:

  • I NEVER Bug/Pester/Trick or even talk to my friends and family members about my opportunities. Honestly, many of them have seen the transformation of my life and lifestyle and have become curious about what has changed, and now THEY come and ask me about it...

  • I NEVER attend weekly Hype-filled "Rah!-Rah!" Opportunity Meetings or conference calls...

  • I NEVER attend boring company training events...

  • I NEVER EVER Buy Leads

  • I NEVER Make ANY cold calls or even call any of the leads that I generate. The fact is that I have so many people calling me every day that I would not have time to call the other leads myself if I wanted to...

  • I NEVER Never Ever "SELL" anything. I HATE Sales, I only work with people who seek me out with credit card in hand and want to BUY what I am offering...

  • I NEVER Waste my time with the "3-foot rule" or bother people in the super market, the gym or anywhere else...

In the Internet Age, These "Old School MLM Strategies" Have Become Obsolete and Literally a Complete Waste of Time!

The truth is I am just a regular guy who, along with my partners happened to come up with the most innovative and powerful home based business building system on the planet, and now I am GIVING it to you 100% FREE! How and why would I do such a thing? Because it is SUCH a great system, that I know I can GIVE it to you, and still make MORE money then I would if I was using some other system and sold it to you for thousands... that's just how it works! I give it to you, I get paid, you give it to others, YOU get paid! It is that Simple.


"$35.00 returns $400.00 how do you
beat that?"

"Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that The SpiderWeb Marketing System is rocking my online businesses. I have been involved in many more programs than I care to admit to, and this is the ONLY one that has produced the results I wanted, in more ways than one.

First of all after only $16.89 in Google AdWords expense in just my first two weeks I made $1,700 back just from The SpiderWeb Marketing System. It’s all due to your expert Google AdWords campaign that you set up for me!

That was only the start because from there I have and continue to build great business relationships with the prospects that you send to me. I especially like the fact that I don’t have to do anything if I don’t want to and The SpiderWeb Marketing System still makes me money and sends me prospects."


Thanks a Million for putting this together and letting me get in on it!

Barry Ramlow - Kenosha, Wisconsin


GET STARTED NOW!, you have Nothing to Lose! The setup process is simple, FREE, and you could begin earning your 22+ streams of income before the end of the day!


This is What I was able to do With Just 6 of My 22
Streams of Income in January Alone...



And This is Me Holding the Checks I Deposited On
January 22nd Totaling $2,485!


"$400 While I Was Out Playing With My Grandchildren..."

"I made $400 in my first day while I was out playing with my grandchildren. And I got fresh exclusive real-time leads for my primary business. I have only been with The SpiderWeb Marketing System for two Weeks. You can't do everything alone. You need help. Let this system and Kimball's team help you too. You won't believe how powerful it is. You owe it to yourself and your future to get qualified. You'll be glad you did."


Thanks for Letting me leverage your team!

Roy George - Sunrise, Florida


Get your FREE System Setup and You Could
Start Seeing Monthly & Daily Revenues Like I am.
So Far in February...



So, that's it. Make sure to check your email if you have not already to find the temporary Password that was generated for you when you signed up for your Free System. Then click the button below to begin your FREE System Setup Process and watch the leads and cashflow start to roll in.

Your Partner For Success,


Kimball Roundy,

"Dedicated to creating REAL, TANGIBLE, LONG-TERM Value!"




A Few More Words From Some of My
Existing System Users:


"By The End of My First Day I Had Made $200..."

"Hey Kimball,

When I first saw your site I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I mean most of the testimonials on the site were a bit outrageous... Well, now I am excited to BE one of those outrageous testimonials.

So here goes, here are my OUTRAGEOUS results:

I got my free SpiderWeb Marketing System all setup and by the end of my first day I had made $200! And I barely had to lift a finger to get it going. This system blows my mind! I am very excited to see how this thing performs over the long run, looking forward to a fun ride with you! "


Thanks for All you and your Team Have done for me!

Brian Lewis - St. Petersburg, Florida



"1 day... 19 Laser Targeted Leads... $400..."

"Your new program, "SpiderWeb Marketing System" is really a success. It was virtually effortless getting set up and by the end of my first day it had given away 19 systems for me and made me $400! And this was all without lifting a finger! This system is Amazing!"


Thanks for Letting in on this venture!

John Stipe - Forrest City, Arkansas



"I'm literally overwhelmed with leads...."

"Through The SpiderWeb Marketing System and with the things that we have been doing on Google, I literally, (and I could not be more honest about this) I'm literally overwhelmed with leads. I have more leads than I know what to do with... So now the question is do I have enough time to actually follow up with all these people. Let me tell you, it's a great problem to have... you should try it sometime. "


Plain and simple, the system works!

Angelo - L. A., California



"You�re a Marketing Genius..."

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that on my first day I got 10 Unique, Real-Time Leads without so-much as a phone call or email from me! Then, 3 days later the system had brought in another 12 people with little effort on my part. You�re a Marketing Genius. I made $400.00 in my first 4 days! Here's to continued Success with The SpiderWeb Marketing System!"


Thank YOU!

Bill Bettler - Boca Raton, Florida



"There is just no better way to do it... "

"Hey Kimball,

I am at a loss for words! After pulling the trigger I was able to build a downline of 206 people and generate more than $7,643 in less than 2 Weeks!

In addition The SpiderWeb Marketing System has allowed me to create a warm market of other network marketers, not just regular people but other networkers who have already seen the light, who have already seen what network marketing can do for them. There isn't a wall to overcome like with people you find on the street where you have to convince them that network marketing is a good thing.

It is not like that here, it does not even matter, my audience, my warm market, are people who already get it, who are already business builders. I know when I put them in an opportunity under me, they are going to take it just like I do... The friendships that I have made through The SpiderWeb Marketing System will be friends and business partners for life, there is just no better way to do it."


Thanks for accepting my application!

Brad Austin - Seattle, WA



"I am encouraging my entire group to use it as they have everything to gain and risk nothing. That's always a winning combination..."

"It's nice to find a system that has empowered me to have an endless stream of hot leads. Not only is the system FREE but it actually is an additional profit center.

They taught us that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is... That's usually good advice but The SpiderWeb Marketing System is the exception to the rule.

I invested $44 marketing the system and it returned me $200 in only a few days! I am encouraging my entire group to use it as they have everything to gain and risk nothing. That's always winning combination."


Thanks for putting together such a great system!

Jake Jacob - Tucson, Arizona



"$35.00 returns $400.00 how do you beat that?"

"Hey Kimball,

WOW! Thanks! Talk about "under promise and over deliver" this is it. I've spent a lot of money on programs and systems online that didn't get enough leads to even pay there own way, let alone earn me any money. But The SpiderWeb Marketing System has been the exact opposite!

After I got my account all setup and activated it gave away 11 free systems before I knew what hit me (totally unexpected and literally hands free)! It happened in the first 2 days at a cost of less than $35.00 in advertising expense. $35.00 returns $400.00 how do you beat that?"


Thanks again!

Dean Daniels - Issaquah, Washington



"$4 days, 5 Free System Give-aways, and $200..."

"Hey Kimball,

This is the best business I have ever seen! 4 days after I had my account set up my account I made $200 without lifting a finger, and this is only the beginning. You'll have a tough time finding a better system than this on the internet. If you're sill looking for one, STOP! This is the one you have been searching for."


Well Done Kimball!

Doug Rogers - Bedford, Massachusetts



"I spent 40 dollars in Google AdWords in my first few days, and
I made 400 dollars..."

"The SpiderWeb Marketing System is great! I eliminated my cost for advertising. Instead of spending money on advertising I began to make money on advertising.

The whole time I was fed plenty of people to present my primary business to. The SpiderWeb System gets me people to present my primary business to as well as makes me additional cash. There is no other marketing or lead generation company that makes me money at the same time finding me people to talk to.

I spent 40 dollars in Google AdWords in my first few days, and I made 400 dollars for my advertising campaign � without lifting a finger!"


Thanks for Everything Kimball!

Dan Nixon - Provo, Utah



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